EDELHOLZ - parketta, padló egy életre
EDELHOLZ - parketta, padló egy életre
EDELHOLZ - parketta, padló egy életre
EDELHOLZ - parketta, padló egy életre

Floor of a lifetime...


It was more than a quarter of a century ago that the European-wide uniqueness of the Hungarian oak forests and the love for oak wood as raw material brought to life our family business.
According to our corporate philosophy, our goal is to produce with the help of modern technology and innovative solutions quality solid wood floorings, wall coverings and tables of oak deriving from sustainable forest managements.





2.6 million m2

of wooden floors produced


3 generation's


The Hungarian oak

The favourable weather of Transdanubia, the soil and a century’s careful work of Hungarian foresters give the Hungarian oak its beautiful light brown colour and unique structure.


The raw material of our products comes from sustainable forest managements, so that our grandchildren also get to know the rich wildlife and the remarkable, special atmosphere of forests.


Our automated, high-tech solutions for wood processing provide constant, high quality, that distinguishes us from our competitors.


Our experienced master carpenters convey the values of past and tradition. This is why we combine in our production processes their knowledge with the most modern technology.

For generations

The history of a lifetime behind oak radiates calmness, safety and permanence. Our goal is to preserve these values and pass on our clients and the generations following them.


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