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FAQ - Stairs

Frequently asked questions about EDELHOLZ Stairs

What are the EDELHOLZ stair systems made of?

Our wood stair systems, parquets and straight planks are exclusively made of the best quality oak and ash wood. Be it modern, classical, spiral or curved stairs, as raw material we solely use oak – or in same special cases ash.

Where does the raw material of the EDELHOLZ wood stairs come from?

The EDELHOLZ wood stairs – like all EDELHOLZ-products – are made of oak and ash of excellent quality, deriving from sustainable, Hungarian state-owned forest managements. Our colleagues personally choose the best wood logs in the forest. Our wood stairs are produced according to the strictest quality standards in our plant in Zalalövő.

What kind of substances are used for the surface treatment of stairs?

Our stairs and all the other EDELHOLZ-products – including herringbone and chevron parquets, wall coverings, straight planks, chateau planks, dining tables, seats – are all treated with the best, high-quality, linseed oil-based, oxidative substances, free of harmful components.

These oils and waxes are all natural and plant-based, containing different minerals. The solid, dried materials mean no harm to people or animals, their quality meets the requirements of children toys as well. About our surface treatments you can read more here.

Is it easy to clean the wooden stair systems?

It is very easy to clean and care for EDELHOLZ wooden stair systems. But the little, yet precise maintenance will result in a life-long beautiful flooring surface. Our wooden stairs can be cleaned dry and also wet. To read more about the exact execution of maintenance, please, click here.

How often do the stair systems require cleaning and care?

Stairs have to be cared for according to the exposure to use. When the colour has visibly lost its original freshness and deepness, there is a need for refreshing it. In general, in restaurants or cafés there is a need for care every 10-12 month, but in usual living areas it can be enough every 4 or 5 years. The process is simple, and if all instructions are kept in mind, it is no challenge. For customers, who wish to execute the refreshment of the flooring and stair surface by own hands, we have summarized the most important steps and the exact information about the process here.

Do you offer stair system in the same colour as the wooden floor?

Yes, as thanks to our complex stair and flooring systems both steps and skirting can be requested in the same colour and with the same structure as the chosen floor. Thanks to this, the stair system makes the impression of the floor climbing up the upper floor.

What kind of stair system elements do you produce?

In our collection you can find stair treads, risers and strong stair nosing profiles, with large load capacity, made of one material. These profiles guarantee a strong connection between the treads and risers. For our complex solutions contact our expert colleagues!

What is the style of the EDELHOLZ stairs?

It is only the imagination of our customers that can limit the style of our stairs. But simply put, we can say: we produce stairs with classical geometry (the tread slightly extends over the riser) and with modern geometry (the tread does not extend over the riser).

I have special, individual concept of my stair system, is it implementable?

Thanks to the craftmanship of our master carpenters and our special production technology, we can realize every unique stair design. What’s more, we encourage our designer partners to use this opportunity we offer. For more information about our unique stairs turn to our expert colleagues!

Is it possible to insert wooden stair treads into steel structure?

Yes, it is possible to insert wooden stair treads into steel structure. But floating, curved and spiral stairs can be also made from our stair elements. Creating stair surfaces after the installation of a wooden floor is also realizable.

What is the available dimensional range of the EDELHOLZ stairs?

Due to our individual production technology and our own processing plant, we can produce stairs from especially small to representative, large size. In connection with large-size, unique orders, turn to our colleagues.

What is the load capacity of the stairs?

Stair elements produced of one material provide a strong, long-lasting solution, which is especially important for big families too. As the load capacity of our solid wood stair elements is exceptionally good, they can be chosen for public projects too.

What is the wear resistance of the wooden stairs?

Oak is hardwood, its wear resistance values are exceptionally good. From this point of view, the EDELHOLZ stairs stand out with a great advantage: they are oiled, so the signs of wear do not appear on them like in case of lacquered stairs. Stair treads treated with oxidative oil are better in terms of wear resistance.

We would like to install LED-lights into the stairs. Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible to install into the so-called over-extending nosing profile a LED-strip, so it’s just the light that can be seen when turned on, the LED-strip itself remains non-noticeable. Before the construction, consult your electrician about your concept!

Our staircase is open from one side. We do not want the nosing profile and the connection to the flooring to be visible. What kind of solutions can you offer?

The EDELHOLZ stair system provides a great solution to this problem too. To the covering of the open side of the stairs we offer an individually-made skirting, matching the stairs in colour.

Is it allowed to install EDELHOLZ stairs outside of the house?

No, our stair systems are designed for indoor use, they can be installed only inside. Installation outside means the exclusion from warranty.

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