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Natural Dried smoked, refined by hand Straight plank

The form of Natural Dried floorings counts as a real curiosity, as it is compounded of different surface treatments. The planks are deeply brushed, pleasantly undulating veins are present on them, and even saw marks enrich the pattern. The bevels are precisely made by hand. The recessed patched knot-holes and the medium brown colour emphasize the antique look of the flooring. Apart from it, these planks are very popular in modern interiors.

This complex flooring surface is oxidative natural oiled.

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A very lively assortment. Due to the colourfulness and diverse structure of natural wood this quality grade gives a real rustic effect.



A slightly quieter assortment. This quality grade preserves the genuineness of wood while showing a more relaxed and uniform picture than the rustic one.

Parquet structures



Solid, 1-layer oak wood flooring. The classical structure and production process are the characteristics of the traditional solid oak wood flooring. This type of flooring provides an excellent solution for the renovation and restoration of historical interiors.



Triplex, 3-layer oak wood flooring. This extremely strong wooden flooring is the result of our unique production technology und the quality oak wood raw material. The Triplex flooring is the best choice in case of underfloor heating.

Parquet structures
Solid Triplex
20 mm 14 mm
140 / 160 mm 180 / 220 / 240 mm
500 - 2300 (2900) mm 180 mm width:
900 - 2400 (2700) mm
220 / 240 mm width:
1500 - 2400 (2700) mm

Suitable for installation on subfloor heating?

Suitable for installation on subfloor heating?


* depending on technical properties of wood (e.g. thermal conductivity factor). Please consult our expert colleagues!

Ask for an offer

Ask for an offer.

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The straight planks can be installed by screwing down to a sub-construction or - thanks to the improvement of technology – by gluing down to the subfloor. Floating installation method is also possible on Elastilon. As it is always the conditions in the place of installation that determine the appropriate method, it is the best to turn to an expert in every case.

Please, always follow the instructions of the installation guide. If you have any questions, please turn to our expert colleagues or to your dealer.

Care Instruction

So that your quality wood floor remains beautiful for a long time and you can enjoy it just as long, it requires regular and, above all, proper care and cleaning.

Adequate and professional care is a guarantee for you to maintain a quality surface for a lifetime. Regular care will be appreciated by your floor, and as a result develops an ever more beautiful and natural patina over time, which is why we ask you to always follow the care instructions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your parquet dealer or the parquet company that carries out the construction, where you will receive everything you need to properly care for and clean parquet floors.

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