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We participated in a Construction Industry Award-winning project!

We are proud that our wooden floors and unique solutions were part of a special project: as in 2020, the Carmelite Monastery project and its designers - ZDA - Zoboki Design and Architecture - received the Construction Industry Award.


300-year-old building complex - strict monumental compliance

Of the many domestic and foreign public projects in which we took part with our wooden floors, chateau planks and unique solutions, the contribution to the renovation of the 300-year-old buildings of the Carmelite Monastery is perhaps closest to our hearts.


The aesthetics and complexity of the project are impressive, which is highlighted in the evaluation of the awarder, EVOSZ - National Association of Construction Entrepreneurs: „In this building complex every task is combined, that can appear as a problem to solve in architecture: monument protection, reconstruction and contemporary architecture in its best form…”


High level of execution and cooperation

The evaluation criteria of the 18-member committee included: “general architectural-technical assessment of the given building, technical standard of construction, professionalism, economic aspects of the investment, operability, and cooperation between the executers, especially investors, designers and contractors.”


Chateau planks, straight planks and unique stair solutions from our masters

As constructor, for us the complexity of the project was the greatest challenge. The chateau planks, straight planks and even curved stairs in the building complex of the Carmelite Monastery are the excellent work of our master carpenters. Even the geometric patterned wood floor in the theatre hall was produced by us.


Our report about the exciting moments and the technical challenges of the project you can read by clicking here.


We would like to congratulate to ZDA-Zoboki Design and Architecture on winning the award!

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