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Karmelita monastery, Budapest
Karmelita Theater, Budapest
Bodajk Hunting Lodge - Bodajk
KÁSTU tiny houses - Őriszentpéter
Wooden Surfaces in an Industrial Setting – Edelholz’s New Showroom in Budapest
Hungarian State Opera, Budapest
HELL Energy Head Office, Budapest
Balaton Capital Black Chevron Parquet as wall covering
EDELHOLZ straight plank wood flooring and wood stairs in the House of the Year
Youthful home with Selenit flooring
Downtown apartment with clean design and Swiss Weiss flooring
Swiss Weiss chevron parquet in the home library
Natural Wave Limestone Nature flooring in the world of clean lines
BOTANIQ Castle of Tura, Tura
Modern home with Historica 1000 smoked flooring
Bagatelle Garden House boutique home-hotel with Pompei 3300 parquet
Viennese villa with Pompei 1000 parquet
Capital Gothic flooring in an intimate family home
Concrete house with rustic, Natural 1000 flooring
Special interior design with Classic 1000 wall covering and straight planks
Verrucano Mels
Santorini Sun 1000 smoked straight planks in an Alpine house
Home in the Alps with Origin 7000 flooring
Kreinbacher Tasting Salon, Budapest
Etyeki Műhely, Etyek
Andrassy Kuria & SPA - Bobajka Restaurant, Tarcal
Swiss Weiss smoked chevron parquet in a downtown luxury home
Civilian milieu in the downtown with Terra 8000 Parquet
Origin 1000 stairs, which could even be a contemporary work of art
Whitestone motorcycle showroom, Bellach
MTA Research Center, Budapest
Pajta, Őriszentpéter
Trattoria Pomo D'oro, Budapest
BioTech USA Center, Budapest
KáVéZuG, Budapest
Hotel Alice, Budapest
Swiss Weiss floor for a LOFT-apartment
Colorado straight planks tailored to the individual concept of our customer
Wooden house in the Swiss Alps with Origin 1800 flooring and stairs
Classic 1000 and Pompei 1000 staircases in a semi-detached house
Chalet, Jungfrau
Costes Downtown, Budapest
CEU, Budapest
Limestone Nature smoked flooring in an industrial-looking apartment
Mindszentyneum, Zalaegerszeg
High-tech interiors with Pompei 2000 flooring
Summer house at Lake Balaton with Origin 7000 flooring
3D Limestone Nature smoked flooring and stairs in a suburban house
CHRIS sports store, Glattbrugg
Kindergarten, Bad Ragaz
The Museum for Historical Medical Books, Muri
Sonnentor store, Villach
Lajvér Vinery, Szálka
Rubra Art Lounge, Vác
La Fabbrica, Budapest
Villa Bagatelle, Budapest
Prestige Hotel Budapest
Penthouse, Vorarlberg
Hunting lodge with Pompei 1000 flooring
Home in the countryside with Pompei 3300 flooring
Attraction of opposites – Historica 1000 straight planks in a modern interior
Harmony of floor and decorative ceiling beams – a home with Pompei 2000 straight planks
Capital Black floor in a characteristic Penthouse
Harmony of antique furniture and Pompei 1000 parquet
Elegant, deep dark Capital Black parquet in a classic home
Grönland 3300 straight planks and stairs in large interiors with exciting level differences
Modern, sleek-design home with Limestone Nature straight planks and stairs
Loft apartment with Colorado 1190 parquet
Modern home with exciting types of floors and Natural Wave Swiss Weiss
Natural Dried Limestone Nature straight planks in the Alps
Pompei 1000 parquet in elegant chevron format
Cold concrete and glass surfaces meet the living wood flooring of Pompei 3300
Youthful home with Natural Dried Limestone Nature flooring
Generation Classic rustical wall covering in the living room
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