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Samos Nature Wall covering

In natural style the intense texture of the Samos wall coverings with their false damages becomes moderate, and it can be observed in its full beauty when exposed to light. As this Samos model is not oiled, its colour can bring out the light tones of raw wood. This design can be a favourite for those who love natural, intact-looking oak surfaces.

In natural version this wall covering is not oiled and makes the impression of raw wood.

Art Nr. 131

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A very lively assortment. Due to the colourfulness and diverse structure of natural wood this quality grade gives a real rustic effect.



A slightly quieter assortment. This quality grade preserves the genuineness of wood while showing a more relaxed and uniform picture than the rustic one.



Slight variation in colour and structure are showing the finest selection. The solid wood wall panel presents itself uniform and quiet at the highest level.

Wall panel structure



Wall panel structure
14 mm
140 / 180 / 220 / 240 mm
140 / 180 mm width:
900 - 2400 (2700) mm
220 / 240 mm width:
1500 - 2400 (2700) mm

Recommended for installation on wall heating?

Recommended for installation on wall heating?



The easy and fast installation is a primary aspect of our wall covering design. The panels are fixed on a sub-construction consisting of narrow beams. The fixation is ensured by non-visible connection points. To reach a completely precise fastening of the wooden wall panels, they are provided with tongue and groove design. Thanks to this simple, easily manageable system, the wall covering can be installed without difficulties, even with your own hand.

Please, always follow the instructions of the installation guide. If you have any questions, please turn to our expert colleagues or to your dealer.

Care Instruction

So that your quality wood wall covering remains beautiful for a long time and you can enjoy it just as long, it requires regular and, above all, proper care and cleaning.

Adequate and professional care is a guarantee for you to maintain a quality surface for a lifetime. Regular care will be appreciated by your wall panels, and as a result they develop an ever more beautiful and natural patina over time, which is why we ask you to always follow the care instructions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your wall panel dealer, us or the company that carries out the construction, where you will receive everything you need to properly care for and clean your wall covering.

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