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Solid wood tables specialties

The continuous development and our first-class raw material stock allowed us to make another dream come true. We are proud to present our first collection of premium quality solid wood furniture, based on the needs and wishes of our customers. In accordance with our corporate philosophy, we created tables and accessories made of high-quality, Hungarian oak wood, which perfectly harmonize with the exclusive EDELHOLZ-floorings in terms of both quality and aesthetics.

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Solid wood furniture collections

EDELHOLZ Oak Furniture

Keep in mind while planning

The first furniture collection of EDELHOLZ is determined by the central element of family life: the dining table. The composition of our collection ensures that both the lovers of design furniture and those, who prefer classical forms can find the perfect table with matching accessories. Thanks to the excellent quality of our raw material we offer a wide range of dimensions and surface structures in case of tables, benches and seats too. Our aim is to bring nature into to your home, impressing you and your guests every time.

The genius of EDELHOLZ solid wood tables lies in the material

Great emphasis is put on the high quality of the raw material we use for our solid wood table collection, just like in case of our wood flooring models. We hold ourselves to a constant, high standard, which is guaranteed by our more than quarter-century long professional past, the continuous technological development and the first-class oak wood raw material from responsible forest managements. As the soul of a solid wood table is in the material, we consider it invaluable. Oak radiates warmth and harmony, its texture brings the surface to life. For a maximal result, the logs brought in our plant go through carefully checked, precise processes. The premium quality timber we produce this way is once more selected, and our solid wood tables are made only of the finest elements.

Design table collection from EDELHOLZ

In our first furniture collection we put special accent on the design table variations. The result is the DIVERSO table assortment from the world of endless combinations. The DIVERSO tables are characterized by the use of contrasting materials and the sophisticated Italian design. The solid wood tabletops can be combined with a great variety of steel legs and finishings. To these uncluttered, clean-designed legs the tabletop can be ordered in six different colours and with two edge types. The lovers of design tables can find for sure the model that suits their needs and imagination the most. We recommend our DIVERSO tables for modern, fresh interiors.

Solid wood dining table variations with classic lines

We did not forget those who wish for a dining table completely made of solid wood. Our designers accomplished their dream of amazing table profiles, that top off the look of both classic, rustic or naturally neutral interiors. The tables impress their users with their simplicity and artistic shaping. Their precise construction is the epitome of our experienced master carpenters’ professionalism. Our masters form the carefully selected timber by hand, from the first till the last moment, so that in the end a special, solid wood dining table can be born.

The solid wood table edges spark creativity

In case of some special solid wood tables, especially in the DIVERSO collection, there is an option to define the edge type. The traditional edges have a regular appearance and run transversely to the tabletop, providing them with modest, classic look. But for those who prefer the rustic, natural look and the fine details, there is a possibility to choose natural edges, that are not planed, only husked. This way we get an extraordinary, waving line, which gives a fresh, lively, natural appearance to the solid wood oak tabletop.

Design surface treatment variations for dining tables

Just like for oak wood floorings, we provide several different surface treatment options for our dining tables too. The right colour’s significance is the same as in case of parquet. A light or a dark surface with modest or dominant texture can determine the atmosphere in the whole dining room. When making the final decision it is important to take into account the properties of the chairs you would like to choose, e.g. the available upholstery and legs. Of course, those who take benches matching the table from our collection, have it easier. As both the table and the bench can have the same finishing, their perfect harmony is ensured.

At an EDELHOLZ conference table good decisions are made

Nowadays the functions of a dining and a conference table are no more so strictly separated, as before. We guarantee, that 100% of the tables in our collections will turn out to be an excellent choice both at your home or in the conference room. The ergonomic design and the great variety of available sizes help our furniture to perfectly fulfil the role both of a conference and a dining table. The elegant lines with the natural texture create a harmonic duo. Their unique look, topped by the quality manufacturing, radiates reliability and safety. This is an essential feature of a good conference table. Thanks to its hardness and its solid structure, the noble oak wood will loyally serve its owner through generations, and your EDELHOLZ conference table will be your brilliant partner in making great decisions.

Conference table tailored to your needs

The need for organising smaller in-house conferences arises several times. Without a conference table it is not an easy task. Our excellent timber stock and flexible, handicraft capacity enables us to produce some table types in extra big size, with the length of even 4 meters. If the required dimensions of the conference table are out of standard, we produce it to order. The individually ordered tables stand out with their aesthetic, unified appearance.

Maintenance of solid wood furniture

Those who already possess EDELHOLZ oak wood flooring know, that its cleaning is child's play. Fortunately, it is the same with solid wood furniture too. Each tabletop is protected against moisture and dirt by high quality, plant-based oil. However, in order to keep this state and enjoy your product for a long time, it is important to follow the relevant instructions. We guarantee that your solid wood furniture will be grateful for your continuous care and you can admire our uniquely patinating product year after year. Our number one advice is to avoid spilled liquids, especially acidic, corrosive substances (wine, coffee, cola, alcohol etc.) stay on the surface for a long time. Please, always use the cleaning agents recommended by us, and never use general cleaning agents, as they can damage natural wood surfaces. More detailed information on the proper clean&care of solid wood furniture you can find under Technical details.

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