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EDELHOLZ special flooring and stairs in the Carmelite Monastery

The renovation of the Carmelite Monastery’s buildings is one of the largest-scale Hungarian monumental reconstructions of recent years, even at the level of the wooden floor. At our production site in Zalalövő, we have manufactured approximately 2925 m2 of solid wood straight planks, 760 m2 of solid wood, large format chevron parquet and 535 m2 of chateau planks, which now adorn this special building complex of Buda Castle.


Challenges regarding chateau planks resulted in special solutions

One of the biggest challenges during the project was the installation of the chateau planks, as it had to be completed by secret nailing, by a technology requiring nailing on wooden joints.


The installation of the solid wood, 27 mm thick, alternately 40 and 36 cm wide and extra long (3 - 5.5 m) chateau planks had to be carried out according to strict regulations including the re-implementation of the original fastening technology, the nailing. However, since the thickness of the installation layer order was not sufficient for this, we developed a special solution; we combined nailing with modern gluing technology.


Unique curved, spiral stairs in terms of design and implementation in the Carmelite Monastery

During the installation of wood covering to the curved, spiral staircase, the biggest professional challenge was the design and the fixing of the supporting plinth, as the arches of the staircase sides were recessed in the same material as the floor covering, fixed at a height of 20 cm.


To achieve this, we made a sub-surface of engineered wood, on which the oak plinth was fastened by gluing and needle nailing. The plinth was made of a 4 mm oak top layer used for our Triplex products as well

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