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Extraordinary staircases and stair solutions from EDELHOLZ

Our traditional stairs and unique stair solutions give our customers the opportunity of complex design. There is nothing more beautiful than wooden floor becoming a staircase. Thanks to our in-house produced stair systems, we create perfect harmony between the surface finishing of the wooden floor and the stairs in terms of both colour and structure, be it standard or unique, individual stair solution. This option is especially helpful in situations where the surface of the wood floor is antiqued, sawn, or limewashed. Our colleagues provide expert assistance in finding your ideal floor and stairs.

EDELHOLZ stairs solution Origin 1800

EDELHOLZ stairs - strong, durable and timeless

We use the best Hungarian oak raw material for the stairs in whole, like in the stair treads and stair nosing profiles we produce. In addition, we have innovative, modern manufacturing technology that ensures the long lifespan of our stair elements even under heavy use. At EDELHOLZ, we know that quality lies in the details, so we make our stair nosing profiles from a single piece of strong oak material. The advantage of this is that when the nosing profile of the stairs is exposed to burden (it is stepped on), it cannot break, as its structure is not weakened by several, joined pieces. In addition, the one-piece profile guarantees a colour match for the wooden staircase.

EDELHOLZ stairs solution Natural Wave 1000

Stair solutions in classic and modern style

Our clients can customize the geometry of the stairs to their liking: be it modern or classical style, our master carpenters can make it for you. For our standard staircases we offer two stair nosing profiles: the traditional profile slightly extends over the riser, while the modern one blends into the geometry of the stairs. Besides, in case of both modern and classical designed stairs we put special accent on the side panels too.

EDELHOLZ stairs solution Origin 1000 smoked

Solid and panelled stair treads from EDELHOLZ

In our offer, stair treads are available in both blocked and panelled versions. While in the former version the stair tread is made of a single piece of solid wood, in the case of the panelled version, several solid oak elements are assembled. The latter design can give an exciting pattern to the stairs.


EDELHOLZ spiral and curved stairs

Spiral stairs are currently experiencing a renaissance, and that is no wonder: a high degree of creativity is needed to solve the problem of getting to the next floor in small places. A curved staircase or traditional spiral stairs can be proof of interior design creativity. We are glad to realize such unique and special concepts, and our expert colleagues will be delighted to help you with questions related to stairs, even in the first phases of design planning.

Read more about our special stairs solutions or turn to our colleagues.

EDELHOLZ unique stairs solution Swiss Weiss smoked

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