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By choosing a high-quality, particularly beautiful wooden floor, you can frame your home and highlight your special pieces of furniture. EDELHOLZ offers eighty different types of straight planks to its customers, so it is almost impossible not to find the one that suits you the best. From rustic, antique solutions to modern, anthracite or white floor planks, almost everything can be found in our collection. In addition to the colour shades, the tactile planks are the ones with which you can especially exercise your creativity, as the unique finishings and hand-planed surfaces hide additional optical possibilities.

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Straight plank collections

Straight plank

Keep in mind before planning

Finding the ideal flooring for your future home is a crucial task, as a well-chosen flooring can add a special character to the room. But it is not just aesthetics or money that determine this decision. There is a wide variety of floorings you can choose from. Quality wood flooring? Solid wood or engineered wood? Or something else? Lots of factors need to be taken into consideration. The final solution must be a harmonic fusion of function and the desired visual impact, as a long-lasting, quality flooring can serve your family for many decades.

The advantages of wooden flooring

The flooring in the house has a wide range of possibilities of aesthetics and comfort to offer. If you are already well aware of your own personal habits and needs, and based on this you have decided for sure, that the wooden flooring is the ideal solution for you, then you still have many options. For a classical, subtle look we provide parquets in straigth plank format in more than 80 models. But if you prefer a more elegant but still modern interior, you can choose from our herringbone and chevron collection with more than 10 different finishings. EDELHOLZ also has oak chateau planks and parquet boards in its assortment. The latter suits perfectly country houses and hunting lodges.
When making the final decision of the wooden flooring, please take into consideration the properties and the quality of the subfloor. From the point of view of aesthetics, please keep in mind the prevailing circumstances in the room and the desired appearance you would like to achieve.

Straight planks or herringbone?

The straight planks and the herringbone both provide an excellent flooring solution serving its owner for decades. Though based on the name and the final appearance of these flooring types, they do not seem to have many things in common, the straight plank is actually a lengthened herringbone block. They are both made of high quality oak wood and have 4-sided T&G design. But obviously, they are installed in completely different patterns. The herringbone blocks stand out with many exciting laying styles, while the planks can be installed only parallel to each other. The latter method results in a more unified, calmer look. This harmonic appearance allows more variation in colour and surface finishing. So all in all, if the room has already existing style elements we would like to keep, the special herringbone, chevron or parquet board flooring can be a good idea. But in other cases, we recommend the straight planks for a homogeneous effect in order to visually enlarge the room and to create a spacious look.

Parquet and design: how to install the flooring?

The flooring can be installed by screwing down to a sub-construction or - thanks to the improvement of technology – by gluing down to the subfloor. Floating installation method is also possible on Elastilon. As it is always the conditions in the place of installation that determine the appropriate method, it is the best to turn to an expert in every case. At the same time, the laying style is not just a technical question. If you choose the wood flooring because of its unified appearance and spatial effects, it is important to plan the direction of installation in advance. If the planks are laid transversely to the longer walls in a long room, that visually enhances the size of the room. But if the planks are laid parallel to the longer walls, that extends the length of the room even more.

Skirting – accessory of the quality wood flooring

Because of practical, visual and technical reasons, skirting cannot be neglected when installing natural wood flooring. Firstly, the dilatation gap around the edges of the floor must be hidden by the skirting (for more information about the importance of dilatation gap check »»herringbones and chevrons««). Secondly, it can visually emphasise the spacious feeling of the room. Thirdly, the skirting makes our everyday life easier, as it protects the wall from wet stains and patches accidentally caused when cleaning the flooring.

Wood flooring and underfloor heating

Natural oak wood flooring can be installed on hot water based underfloor heating. The construction must be carried out in compliance with strict rules to ensure, that the flooring will serve its owners properly through generations. Before starting to plan an underfloor heating system, please read our technical documentation and practical information about Parquet and underfloor heating.

Ecological planning to the best possible extent

A new home usually demands a large amount of raw material. But it is our decision how much burden our needs will put on the environment. The sustainable production is an integral aspect for our company, along with the convenience of our customers. We at EDELHOLZ plan for 120 years, so that we can pass a livable environment to the next generation too. We acquire the raw material of the quality oak products from responsible, FSC®-certified forest managements. For each cut tree a new is planted. Hungarian oak is of more than one advantage: it has an excellent quality, but at the same time it is close to our plant, and this way we can lessen the environmental impact of transport too. We do not use parquet lacquer or any other substance containing harmful solvents for the surface treatment of our flooring. Instead we prefer natural oils and waxes, giving your flooring enhanced durability and thus, longer life. The environment concerns all of us. If it is important for you too, choose the quality wood parquets of EDELHOLZ, and we guarantee the clean future for your children.

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