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The installation of EDELHOLZ flooring on ELASTILON

When choosing the wood floor covering for your future home, it is also worth considering right away how it is going to be installed. At this point, you already need to know whether you opt for underfloor heating or another heating solution, as the structural design of the floor must be appropriate for it. In our technical guide, we give detailed information about the different ways of installation of wood floors, but because of its practicality and ease of use, we must highlight the installation on ELASTILON.



The installation of straight planks and quality wooden floors in general requires a high-quality subfloor, which, however, is not always given. The solution in these situations is ELASTILON, which is a self-adhesive, elastic, thin layer on which, when placed on the substrate, straight planks can be securely laid on without gluing, nailing or other fastening methods.


The advantages offered by ELASTION

Laying straight planks on ELASTION is also called floating installation, offering several advantages. ELASTILON provides a solution even if the subfloor is not of the required quality (e.g., concrete with low tensile strength). ELASTILON can be laid on almost any kind of subfloor (e.g., cement screed, anhydrit screed or OSB). ELASTILON is suitable for installation on already existing, old subfloor as well. ELASTILON Strong is elastic, its thermal and acoustic properties are also great. When using ELASTILON, the noise caused by stepping on the floor can be significantly reduced. ELASTILON is appropriate for installation on underfloor heating. The installation of the floor is fast, practical and causes absolutely no dirt. ELASTILON is good for the environment, as its emission results are excellent, and it does not contain CFCs or formaldehyde. Apart from the above-mentioned advantages, installation on ELASTILON has even more mechanic and building structural benefits, contributing to the long lifespan of the floor, serving its owner for generations.


How to install wood flooring on ELASTILON?

Installation of flooring on ELASTILON is a clean and simple process, so it can be carried out even by yourself. At the same time, it is crucial that all regulations are precisely followed, this is why we provide a detailed technical guide about laying floor coverings on ELASTILON.


If you have any questions in connection with our floors and their installation, please turn to our expert colleagues, who will be delighted to help you.

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