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100% waste-free production to protect our environment

Each wooden floor - be it herringbone parquet or straight plank -, wall covering and dining table that leaves our manufactory lasts minimum for one generation. That is why the protection of our forests and the zero waste production processes are most important to us. We are proud to have achieved by 2020 that all of our products are made waste-free!


Wooden floors, wall coverings and a dining table from responsible, FSC®-certified forestries

It all starts in the forests; therefore, we use wood exclusively from domestic, responsible, FSC®-certified forest managements as the raw material for all the wooden floors, wall coverings and dining tables we produce. That means, at least one new tree is planted for each felled one.


Eco-conscious collection design

Zero waste starts at the design table. In order to make maximum use of our raw materials, our product collection has been designed so that every millimetre of cut wood is used in our products or its components.


Zero waste wood floors, wall coverings and dining tables

When designing wooden floors, wall coverings and dining tables, we follow the principle of zero waste. As a first step in the process, we divide the wood to wood from which we make our dining tables and seats - and to timber from which our wooden floors are made. When processing the latter, we sort it again, we determine if it should be used as chateau plank, straight plank or herringbone/chevron parquet. Then, during production, we utilize even the smallest elements in our engineered products.


Even the last grain of sawdust is utilized

We literally use even the last grain of dust. Sawdust, wood chips and all types of wood waste generated during processing are collected, shredded and then turned into oak briquettes, which are an excellent fuel for the winter months.

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