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Capital Black floor in a characteristic Penthouse

Capital Black straight plank, as its name suggests, is a characteristic, elegant-looking wooden floor that does not blend into its surroundings, but highlights it. The dark colour is due to its surface treatment with black oil, which is complemented by deep-brushing. Thanks to the latter, the hard look of the straight planks is just an illusion, in reality the floor has a silky surface. The Capital Black wooden floors are always extremely soft and pleasant to the touch. Based on these, this elegant floor is definitely an excellent choice for this modern Penthouse, surrounded by the mountain ranges of the Alps. The fine, contemporary furniture and the bright accessories chosen for them create a contrasting harmony with the characteristic straight planks, which unites the triple unit of the huge kitchen-dining-living room and transforms it into a homely space.

The special feature of the Capital Black surface structure is that it is also available as herringbone parquet, and if required, also as staircase.

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