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Realizing our customers' dreams is the most important thing for us, which is why we have developed the first EDELHOLZ wall covering collection. With the help of precision and dedication expected from our company, we have designed each type of wall covering individually in order for nature to move into your home, along with all its beauty and benefits.

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Wooden wall panelling, the new trend in interior design

Wooden wall panels give you and your family the feeling of home, as the shades and texture of the Hungarian oak in your room emanate sense of comfort and warmth. These design wooden wall panels have another great advantage: due to their exciting surface, they are real eye-catchers, and thus can be used as unique decorative elements. The wall can be covered completely or partially, in the latter case, thanks to our wall panel edge profiles, the wall covering can be aesthetically closed wherever you want. These units can be treated as remarkable visual points of your home.

Design wooden wall panels – at least when it is an EDELHOLZ product – can be installed easily and fast, and they occupy only a minimal part of our living space. This is why we recommend everybody to seize the endless opportunities of free experimentation, offered by our wooden coverings.

Indoor wooden wall covering and wood flooring

The available dimensions and surface finishings of our indoor wooden wall panel collection were carefully chosen, so that if the need arises, the wall covering and the flooring can match both in terms of appearance and size. The complex interior design solution provided by the harmony of flooring and wall covering even in its simplest form redefine the functions and the atmosphere of the room. What is more, the indoor wooden wall covering improve the acoustic quality of the room. Although in this case we are not talking about specifically acoustic panels, the natural, open-pored wood surface still absorbs noise more effectively than bare wall or ceramic covering. Wooden flooring complemented by an indoor wooden wall covering will evoke the intimate, cosy feeling of home in your room.

Raw material of EDELHOLZ wooden wall panelling

The high-quality raw material of our wooden wall coverings and all other products comes from 100% Hungarian state-owned, FSC®-certified forest managements. And as all our products (with the exception of the terrace deckings), the wooden wall panels are also made of the best Hungarian oak. But in contrast to the solid wood flooring, we developed a special engineered structure for our wall panelling, with the panel being as thin as possible, but still keeping the hardness and strength of oak in every layer.

We follow our traditions in terms of the surface treatment too. As all products in our collections, the wall covering is also protected exclusively by natural, plant-based oils and waxes. The pores of wood remain open, allowing the material to continue breathing and exuding the fresh scent of forests.

Installation of wooden wall covering and its advantages

The easy and fast installation is a primary aspect of our wall covering design. The panels are fixed on a sub-construction consisting of narrow beams. The fixation is ensured by non-visible connection points. To reach a completely precise fastening of the wooden wall panels, they are provided with tongue and groove design. Thanks to this simple, easily manageable system, the wall covering can be installed without difficulties, even with your own hand. We supply the aesthetical corner and edge profiles in case of horizontal and vertical installation direction too. For a remarkable look you can choose from different profiles, like an L-profile or a LED-profile.

Wall covering in the living room. But can’t we enjoy them elsewhere?

Wall coverings are installed mostly in living rooms, which is understandable, as the family spends most of its time together here. Besides, natural wood can serve as an excellent background for a painting or the television, and as already mentioned, it is an impressing stand-alone decoration element too. So this place is a natural choice for the wall covering, but yet, why should you put barriers in the way of creativity? Wooden wall covering in the bedroom will not disappoint you, where even the headboard can be replaced with it. What could be more elegant than a natural oakwood wall behind the double bed? And if you would like to create an extraordinary experience, then feel free to plan the wooden wall panelling in the entrance hall or along the staircase, where not just its beauty, but also its noise reducing feature can prevail.

Why is the wood wall covering not suitable for installation on wall heating?

It is important that wood wall covering cannot be installed on wall heating, as the flexible structure system, allowing an easy fastening, does not make it possible. Each covering panel is fixed on the sub-construction, and as a result, an air gap is created between the wall and the panels. Even though the oak has good thermal conductivity, because of this air gap it would not be able to conduct the heath effectively. Besides, the sub-construction is mechanically fastened to the wall, and thus, there would be a risk of damaging the heating pipes in the wall during the installation.

In case of underfloor heating system this is not a problem, because the floor covering is glued down on the floor, and this way it is able to conduct the heath with adequate efficiency.

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