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FAQ - Terrace decking systems

Frequently asked questions about EDELHOLZ thermo ash terrace decking systems

What does thermally modified wood mean?

In the process of thermal modification, the structure of wood is changed and its resilience is enhanced without the addition of chemicals. This literally means the „baking” of the wood, which absorbs less moisture as a result. The material of EDELHOLZ terrace decking planks: the ash is perfectly suitable for this treatment, as this species of wood is even in its raw, natural form very hard and resistant.

Why is thermo wood ideal as terrace decking?

Natural wood is one of the most popular covering materials, that is true also for terrace decking. Though the excellent qualities of wood allow its outdoor application, but the exposure to natural elements makes an even stronger structure necessary. The thermally modified wood material is stronger, harder, its lifespan is longer, and it is more resistant to external effects (e.g., weather, moisture, fungi).

What are the advantages of thermally modified ash terrace decking?

  • a cheaper and less dense raw material for terrace decking planks than tropical wood species
  • exceptionally good resistance: the high temperature causes the nutrients of fungi, insects and bacteria to decompose, and thanks to this, pests cannot settle in the wood
  • increased structural stability: as a result of thermal treatment, water almost completely disappears from wood, and consequently, thermo wood reacts less to the changes in the moisture content of its environment – it changes its size to a lesser extent
  • exceptional thermal insulation: the terrace decking does not heat up

Why is the thermo ash terrace decking an environmentally friendly choice?

  • the Hungarian ash guarantees the quality of tropical wood species: terrace decking planks made of domestic ash stand out with smaller ecological footprint than those made of tropical wood
  • ash comes from sustainable forest managements: after each felled tree, a new is planted
  • a human and environmentally friendly solution: we do not use synthetic substances for colouring and for surface treatment

How does the colour of the thermo ash terrace decking change during its lifespan?

Thermal modification changes the colour of the wood. The original light, natural colour turns into saturated, darker brown with fine, reddish shade.

Later, due to UV-radiation, the terrace decking gains a pleasant, light-grey colour (see on the image). This is part of the natural transformation processes of wood, and it is also a beautiful phenomenon. It is important to know that the change in colour cannot be prevented with natural substances for surface treatment.

Can we observe a difference between the colour of covered and not covered parts of the terrace decking?

UV-radiation causes the natural change in the colour of the terrace decking. Covered surface (e.g., under furniture) is not exposed to UV, this is why it keeps its original colour. The difference between covered and not covered parts can be significant! Constantly shaded parts of the terrace decking will be different from those exposed to sunlight. This can be observed between parts not covered and covered by furniture as well, though in this case we can decrease the difference by moving the pieces of furniture from time to time.

What kind of natural changes in the terrace decking can we expect during its lifespan?

Natural formation of hairline cracks (see on the photo): the weather can force the wood to form small cracks, but these have no impact on the lifespan of the system. With the help of moisture-barrier wax the crack formation on the edges of the terrace decking planks can be restricted to an extent.

As time goes, and under extreme weather circumstances the planks are inclined to warping.

Are there any natural differences in the material of the thermo ash terrace decking?

Differences in colour and texture between the planks are natural properties of wood, and they cannot be removed.

How to store the elements of the thermo ash terrace decking before installation?

Thermo ash terrace decking must be stored in a covered place until the installation. If it is not possible, the stacks must be placed without having direct contact to the ground, and they must be covered with dark, waterproof tarpaulin.

How to prepare the ground for the installation of thermo ash terrace decking?

It must be ensured that both the ground (e.g., concrete) and the terrace decking have a slope of min. 0.5%. If the terrace decking will be installed on gravel surface, we recommend the use of geotextile to prevent the undesired growth of plants under the system.

Please, do not put poison for pests and rodents under the terrace decking system!

The structure of the terrace decking system

The first layer of the system is the well-prepared ground with the necessary slope. On the ground plastic levelling soles are placed, their task is to hold the substructure. The levellers automatically set the necessary distance between the ground and the wooden joints of the substructure. There are clips between the wooden joints of the substructure and the planks of the terrace decking, these also set the desired distance of 8 mm between the layers.

How to install the EDELHOLZ terrace decking system?

A minimum distance of 50 mm is necessary between the ground and the substructure, but it is easy to keep with the help of the levelling soles. The clips automatically set the required distance of 8 mm between the substructure and the terrace decking.

The terrace decking planks can extend beyond the last wooden joint of the substructure by max. 50-100 mm. Between the planks there must be 7 mm (the SFIX clips set this automatically too). The free sides of the terrace decking must not be completely closed, for proper ventilation there is a need for a ventilation gap until the height of 50 mm.

What are the advantages of the SFIX fixing system?

  • The terrace decking can be installed without the planks being drilled through and screwed. This helps preventing the water from getting into the wood.
  • SFIX stabilizes the planks against moving away.
  • Each clip requires one screwing. The applied screws are stainless and hardened.
  • The material of SFIX FT is heat-, freeze- and UV-resistant.
  • The clips automatically set the necessary distance between the terrace decking planks (there is no need for separate distance keepers) and also between the terrace decking and the substructure (8 mm).
  • There is no need for fastening straps or other special tools for the installation of the terrace decking, the clips ensure the stability of the terrace decking planks.

Where is it not allowed to install EDELHOLZ terrace decking?

It is not allowed to install EDELHOLZ outdoor terrace deckings in closed, wet spaces e.g., saunas or around indoor pools/jacuzzies.

How to guarantee the long-lasting quality of the EDELHOLZ terrace decking system?

Installation must happen according to the installation guide in order to ensure the long lifespan of the terrace decking.

How to clean and care for the thermo ash terrace decking?

  • Do not use high pressure washer for cleaning!
  • In winter clean the snow away from the terrace decking, because water from melting snow means extra moisture burden for the flooring, reducing its lifespan!
  • Protect the terrace decking from greasy materials, because they can leave patches on the surface!

How often does the EDELHOLZ terrace decking require refreshing?

It is recommended to refresh and care for the terrace decking once a year, for this the most suitable time is spring or autumn. Before cleaning and care, please, read the EDELHOLZ installation guide and care instructions for outdoor terrace decking!

What are the advantages of the thermo ash terrace decking in comparison to other decking systems?

The thermo ash terrace decking is a natural solution, providing an aesthetic look and unforgettable atmosphere. What’s more, unlike plastic composites, our terrace decking decomposes to 100% after its lifespan. The raw materials used by EDELHOLZ come from responsible, sustainable forest managements, so choosing ash terrace decking is good for the climate too. Terrace decking made of natural wood is also practical and comfortable, because it does not heat up in the sun. Should one of the terrace decking planks get damaged, it is enough to replace only this plank, there is no need to reinstall the whole terrace decking.

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