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Environmentally conscious eco wood floors with plant-based oil surface treatment

The production of high-quality wooden floors and the health of our customers is especially important to us, which is why we put special emphasis on the quality of our raw materials and plant-based oil surface treatments.


The necessity of surface treatment on wood flooring

The surface treatment of wooden floors is seriously needed. From an aesthetic point of view, it brings out the texture of the wood and adds exciting shades and soft tones to its look. Physically and mechanically, it protects the wooden floor from dirt, damage and various pests. The type of the surface treatment has also a great significance: let’s just think about how many times our children’s skin meets the surface of the straight planks or parquet during play.

EDELHOLZ plant based surface treatment Pompei 2000

Plant-based oiled wood floor – good for people and for the environment

The wooden floors and other products we manufacture - wall coverings, stairs, chateau planks, dining tables, seats – are all treated with the best OLI-NATURA surface treatment products. OLI-NATURA oils and waxes are natural, plant extracts that also contain various minerals. The OLI-NATURA products are constantly examined and checked on the basis of high quality expectations, thus guaranteeing the perfect solution for our wooden floors. Dried materials are harmless to both humans and animals, and their quality meets even the requirements for children's toys.

EDELHOLZ plant based oil surface treatment ash flooring

Surface treatment of wood floors with oxidative oil

The wood absorbs the oil, which helps to keep the naturalness of it. Oiling keeps the pores of the wood open, thereby enabling it to breathe. The oil-treaded surfaces are pleasant to touch and create a warm colour effect. In case of damage, the oiled surface is easy to repair and refresh. Although oil-treated straight planks and parquets need regular maintenance and care, the process is simple and not time-consuming when using high-quality wood care products we recommend.


Surface treatment of wood floors with wax

The wax we apply on the surface of our solid wood floorings is a special combination of oil and wax. While the oil is deeply absorbed by the pores of the wood, wax stays on the surface and, due to polishing, gives a silky shine to your flooring, which can be intensified by further polishing. This type of surface is easier to clean and care, more resistant against dirt and eventual water splits without closing the pores.

EDELHOLZ plant based oil surface treatment Colorado 1190

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