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Viennese villa with Pompei 1000 parquet

Our Pompei 1000 herringbone parquet in a special Viennese villa building, where classicist architectural elements are harmoniously intertwined with contemporary art and modern interior design principles. Wood flooring has also been chosen with special care to achieve the perfect combination of historical eras and styles. The velvety-touch Pompei 1000 large format herringbone with its silky-shiny surface proved to be an excellent choice. Thanks to its translucent, light brown hue, this parquet creates a unique harmony between modern and classic elements; which effect is increased by the parquet boards cut at a 90° angle.

Our Pompei 1000 wooden parquet shown here is also available in chevron format. In this case, the parquet strips are angled on both sides by 45 or 60 degree, thus creating a modern, straight-line laying structure.

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Download catalogue

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