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Oakwood tables in the collection of EDELHOLZ

Why did we decide to create our first collection of oak tables? Because at EDELHOLZ we believe in development, innovation and preserving traditional values at the same time!


4 special dining tables in our new collection

The new, unique dining table collection has been designed in four different styles to suit any home and meet both personal preferences and interior design expectations.


Our DIVERSO modular dining tables are ideal for the lovers of modern design. In the name of variability, our customers can assemble the perfect dining table from 6 different types of table legs and five different table tops.


The ROBUS-T solid wood dining tables suit those the best, who like massive, robust, yet modern lines.


Our solid wood SLIM dining tables guide us in the world of modern, yet elegant, natural looking tables.


Our GRANON dining table is a great example of traditional design, it is like the archetype of tables. Its appearance and shape evoke fond memories in all of us.


Benches and seats matching the dining tables

To complete our dining table collection, we have also designed benches and seats that can be particularly good accessories for the ROBUS-T and GRANON tables. The functions of our small seats are limited only by the imagination of our customers, as they are suitable for use as a storage area, as seats in the entrance area or as bedside tables.


We have gathered interesting information about our wide and flexible selection of dining table sizes and why an EDELHOLZ dining table is not just a practical, but also an eco-conscious choice!


Have a look at our special oak tables live, visit one of our showrooms!

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Download catalogue