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Swiss Weiss chevron parquet in the home library

It happens quite rarely, that two different types of wood flooring are installed in the same house, but in this case the owners didn’t want to choose between chevron parquet and straight planks. As in our collection there are many surface structures available both as straight plank and as herringbone parquet, this was not a difficult task for the customers. They have opted for the silky-touch Swiss Weiss surface, which is a very popular solution in homes with modern aura.

For the home library with its classical space distribution the French herringbone, also known as chevron parquet was chosen, while in the living room it is the straight planks with the same surface and colour that radiate warmth and joy. Apart from the wood flooring, there are also stone surfaces in the house, bonding with the straight planks and the parquet in a very sophisticated way.

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