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Solution in special places: Duplex flooring

Duplex straight planks count as a curiosity of our engineered products. The needs of modern interior design brought this floor to life, providing a perfect solution for newly-arisen problems.


What situations require Duplex straight planks?

The structure of our Duplex floors has been specially developed for situations where the thickness of the subfloor does not allow the installation of Triplex or solid wood floorings. Such cases can occur, for example, in newly built residential parks, where architects originally did not design the subfloor for wooden floor coverings. But in case of renovations, a particularly thin wood flooring may also be needed, especially when laying the floor on ELASTILON on the original subfloor.


In addition, the great advantage of our Duplex wood straight planks is that they are also recommended for installation on hot water based underfloor heating.

EDELHOLZ Duplex solution raw material

Raw material of Duplex straight planks

Duplex straight planks are made of premium quality, Hungarian oak from responsible, sustainable forest managements. The raw material, the finishing and the surface treatment with plant-based oil provide the same, excellent character as in case of any other EDELHOLZ floorings. The genius of Duplex floors lies in their special structure and material thickness.


The structure of Duplex straight planks

The Duplex floor belongs to our collection of multi-layer, engineered floorings. As the name indicates, Duplex floors are composed of two layers: a 4.5 mm-thick solid oak wood top layer and a back layer, also made of oak wood, but constructed of several elements, rotated in 90 ˚. This increases the flexibility and lowers the thickness of the wood straight planks. The installation of the flooring is easy and fast thanks to its tongue and groove design.

EDELHOLZ Duplex solution structure

The material thickness of Duplex straight planks

The material thickness of Duplex planks differs somewhat from each other, as differently shaped and sized wood floorings allow different thickness. Accordingly, our Duplex straight planks are 10 mm thick.


For more information about our Duplex wood floors, please, turn to our expert colleagues, who will be delighted to answer your questions.
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