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EDELHOLZ is the sustainable choice! We accomplished it.

EDELHOLZ's latest step towards sustainability is a huge undertaking: the further development of our new solar park, which contributes to the company's environmentally friendly production processes. In our plant in Zalalövő, we are committed to keeping up with the developing world and looking for opportunities to use renewable energy sources more efficiently.


Our solar park does not occupy natural areas

During the expansion of our solar park, the number of our solar panels increased to 4,000. During the installation, it was important for us not to occupy natural areas. Our large-scale solar panel system, located on the roof of our production halls, will be able to produce a significant amount of solar energy, which we will use during production. The project not only increases the efficiency of our production, but also provides significant benefits for the entire environment.

What will the fabulous environment of our plant gain with this development?

Solar energy is a clean and renewable energy source that does not cause air pollution or greenhouse gas emissions. EDELHOLZ's transition to the use of solar energy reduces carbon dioxide emissions and contributes to reducing the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, thus taking an active role in the fight against climate change.

We preserve the beauty of our environmental values for our grandchildren!

Another advantage of using solar energy is that, as a manufacturer, we can flexibly adjust production and take advantage of the sunshine, which is a constant and available resource, all year round. This is particularly important for optimizing energy costs and production efficiency. The energy produced by solar panels will be able to satisfy the energy needs of a significant part of the production processes, so we can become more sustainable and also reduce our carbon footprint.


We are leading by a positive example

We sincerely hope that our developments will set a positive example and contribute to the sustainability of the local community and surrounding areas. The transition to renewable energy sources is an excellent opportunity for sustainable corporate responsibility.

We develop for you

Buying environmentally friendly and sustainably produced products is the best decision for both our environment and our personal well-being. At EDELHOLZ, we develop and protect our environment so that you don't have to make compromises when buying a wooden floor.


When you choose an EDELHOLZ product, you choose natural beauty, quality, an environmentally friendly product, in short, the future!

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