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FAQ - Wooden wall coverings

Frequently asked questions about our wooden wall coverings.

What are EDELHOLZ wall coverings made of?

Our wood wall coverings, straight planks and parquets are exclusively made of the best quality oak and ash wood. Be it solid or multilayer wall panel, as raw material we solely use oak.

Where does the raw material of the EDELHOLZ wood wall panels come from?

The EDELHOLZ wood wall coverings – like all EDELHOLZ-products – are made of oak and ash of excellent quality, deriving from sustainable, Hungarian state-owned forest managements. Our colleagues personally choose the best wood logs in the forest. Our wood wall coverings are produced according to the strictest quality standards in our plant in Zalalövő.

What kind of substances are used for the surface treatment of wood wall covering panels?

Our wall coverings and all the other EDELHOLZ-products – including herringbone and chevron parquets, straight planks, stairs, chateau planks, dining tables, seats – are all treated with the best, high-quality, linseed oil-based, oxidative substances, free of harmful components.

These oils and waxes are all natural and plant-based, containing different minerals. The solid, dried materials mean no harm to people or animals, their quality meets the requirements of children toys as well. About our surface treatments you can read more here..

Is it easy to clean the wooden wall coverings?

It is very easy to clean and care for EDELHOLZ wooden wall panels. But the little, yet precise maintenance will result in a life-long beautiful surface. Our wooden wall covering can be cleaned dry, but wet is also possible. To read more about the exact execution of maintenance, please, click here.

Do you have straight planks matching in surface the wooden wall coverings?

Yes, some of our straight planks match our wood wall coverings, enabling the creation of a special wall-floor harmony. This makes the impression of the floor being rolled on the wall. If you are interested in this visual effect, contact our expert colleagues.

Can we install EDELHOLZ wooden wall covering to the ceiling?

Yes, wooden wall covering can be laid even on the ceiling. But it is important in this case too to fully comply with the installation guide before and during the process.

Can we install EDELHOLZ wooden wall coverings only from wall to wall?

No, it is not compulsory to install the EDELHOLZ wall coverings from wall to wall. Thanks to our elegant edge profiles it is possible to cover the wall only partly. The use of our wooden wall panels depends only on our creativity. About our edge profiles you can get more information from our expert colleagues.

What kind of natural colour changes can we expect from our wooden wall covering?

All wooden surfaces, including wall coverings, go through a natural colour change when exposed to sunlight (UV radiation). This is a natural ripening process of the wood. If the wall panels are covered (e.g., by pictures, paintings, shelves, mirrors etc.), they are protected from sunlight, and the above-mentioned ripening process cannot happen (or happens to a smaller extent). The covered parts of the wooden wall panels remain lighter in comparison to the uncovered parts, and this can be visible.

It is important to know that this natural ripening process is not covered by the warranty, it can be no subject of complaint. We recommend protecting your wood wall covering from direct sunlight with shading. If possible, do not cover your wall panels.

How to light the EDELHOLZ wall coverings?

It is recommended to light the EDELHOLZ wall coverings from above. This kind of lighting will emphasize the natural structure of wood and brings the material to life. Thanks to our covering system, the lighting can be hidden aesthetically. About the covering elements get more information from our expert colleagues.

With the help of natural light, this effect can be created if the light comes from the side towards the wall covering. But we should keep in mind, that wooden wall covering exposed to natural light goes through a natural ripening process and thus a change in colour. You can read more about this in the paragraph above.

Does the colour of the wooden wall coverings change if they are artificially lit?

Artificial light does not change the colour of the wooden wall covering, yet, the surface can seem to be different from the colour of the wall panels in natural light. This is caused by the colour temperature of the light source – by too hot or too cold light. If you think that the colour of the wall covering is different in artificial light, consult a lighting expert, who can help you.

What is the duration of the warranty for the EDELHOLZ wooden wall coverings?

The duration of the warranty for EDELHOLZ wall coverings is 25 years for the product structure and 5 years for the surface treatment, on condition of provable and full compliance with the provisions of the installation and care instructions.

Where is it not allowed to install the EDELHOLZ wall covering?

Please do not install EDELHOLZ wall coverings in cellars, wet rooms, bathrooms or around indoor pools, saunas! The high relative air humidity and moisture can lead to the deformation or failure of the wall covering!

Please do not install our wall coverings in the close environment of radiators, heaters and fireplaces, because extreme heat can dry the wood! This can lead to deformation and cracks appearing in the wood!

What should be paid attention to when planning the wall covering?

Before starting the construction, it is vital to get to know the exact place of water and electricity pipelines in the wall! Without this information we can drill into the pipelines when fixing the wooden joint sub-construction on the wall.

What has to be paid attention before the installation of the wood wall covering?

Prior to the installation of EDELHOLZ wooden wall covering please, carefully read our installation guide, and keep the instructions! It is important that the wall is even and dry. New concrete walls need at least 60 days for complete drying. Freshly painted, not completely dry walls should not be covered, because under the wall covering the wall could not dry, and it would lead to mold forming on the wall, or deformation. Before the installation the wall should be cleaned, oil, grease and glue must be removed from it!

How complicated is it to install wooden wall coverings?

It was important for us to design our wall covering collection to be easily installable. This is why our wall panels are fixed on thin wooden joints, and these fixations are ensured by non-visible clips. The elements of the wooden wall coverings are designed with groove&tongue for the simple and fast installation of our wall coverings. We recommend you to turn to an installation expert and ask you to keep the instruction of the installation guide!

It is possible to install wooden wall panels on wall heating?

No, installation of wooden wall covering on wall with wall heating system is not allowed. In our system the wall covering planks are fixed on wooden sub-construction (which is attached to the wall), and this way, an air gap is formed between the wall and the planks. Because of the air gap, the heat cannot be transmitted effectively. Besides, the sub-construction is mechanically fixed to the wall, and thus there is a danger of the heating pipes being damaged during the installation.

Is it possible to fix a TV-set or shelves to the wall covering?

If you want to fix a TV-set, shelves or other objects to the wall covering, please consult an expert before beginning the construction!

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