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FAQ - Solid oak wood tables

Frequently asked questions regarding EDELHOLZ solid oak wood tables

What is the raw material of the EDELHOLZ tables and furniture?

Our tables and furniture are exclusively made of oak wood. The raw material of tables both with metal stand and with wooden table legs is oak wood in every case.

Where does the raw material of EDELHOLZ tables and furniture come from?

EDELHOLZ furniture and tables – like all EDELHOLZ products - are solely made of the best oak wood, that comes from Hungarian, state-owned forestries with sustainable forest management concept. Our colleagues personally choose the best logs in the forest. In our plant in Zalalövő they are transformed into tables, pieces of furniture and other products according to the strictest standards.

What are the legs of the DIVERSO design tables made of?

The material of the legs of the DIVERSO tables is the best stainless steel. These special table legs and stands are produced by our Hungarian partners.

What kind of substances are used for the surface treatment of the tables?

Our tables are coated with hardwachs, protecting the table surface from external impacts, like liquids or scratches.

This hardwachs is of the best quality, and it is also free of harmful substances.

Wachses we use are natural extracts containing minerals as well. The solid, dried substances are harmless for humans and animals as well. Their quality meets the requirements towards children’s games too. About our surface treatments you can read more here.

Is it easy to clean the EDELHOLZ tables and furniture?

Cleaning and care of our tables and furniture is an easy task. A little attention to your pieces of furniture results in a long-lasting, beautiful surface. Tables and furniture can be cleaned dry and wet. You can find more detailed information about the proper care of solid wood furniture by clicking here.

How often does the solid wood furniture require care?

Pieces of furniture have to be cleaned and cared for depending on the use. In general, we can say that tables need care every 4-12 month. About the exact way of cleaning and care you can read here.With the help of our care instructions, you can also get to know how to decide if the surface of the furniture needs refreshing.

Is it possible to order EDELHOLZ tables in unique size?

Yes. Some of our table types can be produced even with the exceptional length of 4 meters. If you need a table in unique size, please contact our professional colleagues.

Are the EDELHOLZ-tables suitable for outdoor use?

No, as EDELHOLZ tables and pieces of furniture are designed for indoor use, their outdoor use is not allowed.

How uniform is the texture and the colour of oak wood tables?

Slight differences in colour and texture are a natural phenomenon of oak wood tables. Though the used wood material is carefully examined and chosen, and the basic colour and structure of oak is generally homogeneous, still, slight differences are natural, and they offer you an exciting visual experience. The unique surface treatments of oak wood tables (e.g., smoking) can emphasize these differences, but this is no subject of warranty! Natural colour differences can homogenize with time.

What is the importance of the right air moisture content in the room for the quality of oak wood tables?

The humidity of the room has a special impact on oak tables, as wood is a natural, hygroscopic material, reacting to the air moisture content and temperature of the room. This is why it is important to keep the ideal value of humidity between 40-60% and of temperature between 20-25 °C. About the proper cleaning and care of our oak wood table and about the ideal air conditions in the room you can read here.

Is it normal that small cracks are appearing in the EDELHOLZ oak wood tables?

Yes, it is a natural phenomenon. Even when keeping the right values of air moisture content, small, slightly noticeable cracks appear on the surface of oak wood table. This is for wood, as a living material, natural and thus acceptable, and can be no subject of warranty claim.

What should be done during the heating period to preserve the quality of the oak wood tables?

In order to preserve the beauty and quality of solid oak wood tables, increasing the moisture content of the room can be necessary, with the help of humidifiers or by placing plants into the room.

What should be considered when placing oak wood tables to a wine cellar or during a long, rainy period?

To keep the quality of oak wood tables, a dehumidifier can be of great use in non-aired wine cellars or during long, rainy periods as long as the ideal air moisture content is set.

What happens to oak wood tables if the ideal air moisture content values are not kept?

Non-compliance with the recommended values of air moisture content can lead to the deformation of the solid oak wood table and to the appearance of cracks in the furniture. These are no subject of warranty!

Where shouldn’t we place EDELHOLZ tables and pieces of furniture?

In order to preserve the quality of EDELHOLZ tables and pieces of furniture they must not be exposed to direct, scorching sun (not even partly!) or to direct heat of radiators, fireplaces etc. It is also not allowed to put them into wet rooms!

Is it allowed to permanently cover the tables with glass or plastic?

No, it is not allowed to permanently cover the tables with glass or plastic, because in this case the top and low side of the table top, and the edges are exposed to different humidity values, and they cannot adjust to the room climate in the same way. If the lower and upper side of the table top cannot absorb and emit moisture to the same extent, deformation of the table can be expected. These cracks and deformations are no subject of warranty!

What should we pay attention to if we have a solid oak wood table?

Pieces of furniture made of solid oak wood have to be protected from water. Liquids should not come into direct contact with the table, but if it still happens (e.g., water is spilled on it), the liquid must be removed immediately with a well-wrung, damp wiping cloth! It is especially important for acid liquids like red wine, coffee. The table must be protected from mechanic impacts as well. About the removal of stains on the oak wood table you can read in our care instruction.

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